720° Non-Splashing Faucet Head Wonderlife
720° Non-Splashing Faucet Head Wonderlife
720° Non-Splashing Faucet Head Wonderlife

720° Non-Splashing Faucet Head Wonderlife

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Two 360º swiveling heads for the most versatile tap aerator.

No more dunking your head down, spilling water from unfit buckets, and definitely no more water going to waste!

720° Non-Splashing Faucet Head can rotate the water outlet 720° for flexible use & saving water, equipped with anti-splashing properties and four-layer net filter to remove impurities.

The 720° rotatable tap head is fully adjustable for controlling water direction while inducing oxygen into the water stream to make it SOFT TO TOUCH and NON-SPLASHING.

Adopting silver ion technology, its antimicrobial material prevents the growth and spread of germs. Enjoy direct flow of water without splashing with your hands to save up to 48% water when the faucet is on!


  • 720º ROTATABLE HEAD: Fully adjustable to direct water flow as desired. Perfect for washing your face, filling water buckets and more.
  • 2 SPLASHING MODES: Includes soft bubble stream mode & shower mode. Easy to switch between 2 functions by twisting the cap with the advanced version.

  • LAYERS OF FILTER: Designed with 4 layers of filter to remove impurities for safe consumption.

  • EASY TO INSTALL: No need to tear your sink apart. Simply twist it up to your faucet and you’re done! Fits almost all standard faucet heads.

  • WATER SAVING: Adopts water saving modes with optimal pressure to save up to 48% water.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Sturdy, industrial-grade copper & anti-bacterial material for extra durability and longevity. Includes reinforced double O-ring valves that ensure that all leaks are prevented.


Weight: 0.1KG

Style: One Splashing mode, Two Splashing mode



1x 720 Degree Faucet Head